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About Us


Starfish started out as a screen printer in a small loft in San Francisco. At the time, our printers had over a million impressions under their belts thanks to NKOTB (ask us about it). We were lucky to have them—it was like having Jordan and Pippen on your expansion team. Fast forward 13 years and 23,000 square feet later, Starfish can now build your webstore, print 2,000 shirts per hour, add finishing, inventory them and still be home by 5pm.

Here’s how some of us do it:

Sieu (Founder): He started everything. He started working in screen printing in 1982 and has been going at it since. He’s 60. He eats a raw diet and is currently the fastest mover in the whole factory.

Minh (Head Printer): He printed his first shirt in 1985. He prints his first shirt everyday at 7am. He lives it, he breathes it, and he’s seen it all. He’s the kind of guy you’d want on your order.

Binh (Production Manager): He has never been asked a question he didn’t have an answer to. He’s likely the most knowledgeable person in the world in garment decoration. He also drives very fast.

Calvin (General Manager): Jack-of-all-trades, master of none one or two things. His job is to handle any problems that may arise in the printing process. He plays with Legos during his lunch break.

Sharon (Project Manager): Though Account Manager is her title, her story goes way back. Before taking this white-collar position, she has filled every single position on the production floor, from the ink department to the screen department to the manual press department. Her value is infinite.

Ariel (Project Coordinator): Attention to detail is his game. It’s very likely that he will pay attention to your order more than you do. He’s not easily impressed, and at a print shop, this makes him your best friend.

Alissa (Project Coordinator): All the way from Maryland via Florida is Alissa. She brings with her a BA in Illustration, a British sense of humor and (soon to be) fluency in Danish.  When she’s not busy scheduling your orders, you can find her patiently training her new puppy (who is also a Starfish employee in training).

Tiffany (Pre-production Assistant): She’s the newbie but a goodie. Fresh after getting a degree in Design from SJSU, Tiff hopped onboard to help with all things behind the scenes. Proofing, art editing, manipulating the production calendar- she’s the one that makes us look good.

Susan (Director of Business Development): Hailing from Rand McNally and Swiss Army, Susan brings an immense amount of experience to a company that lacked a presence in the industry.  More than that, she’s just a good human being with a soft heart.

Einstein (VP of Lunch Dept): 2017 is Einey’s 6th year of employment with Starfish.  What makes him an effective employee is his ability to lift up any teammate on a bad day as well as diligently clean the floors after lunch.

Samwise (Assistant VP of Lunch Dept):  Einey’s assistant. What makes Sam perfect for his job is his inability to discriminate.  Hot dogs, tacos, broccoli- he loves them equally.  Sam is responsible for saying hello to you within 10 seconds of arriving.